How to Look Stunning in Crotch-High Boots

Fernando Berlin Crotch-high boots model 106

Sometimes, you might find very uncool prejudices concerning crotch-high boots. We want to show you today how elegant and beautiful these boots can look on you, provided that they are high-quality boots made of leather and fitting your leg (ankle, calf and thigh) perfectly. See here our picture gallery of Nele wearing Fernando Berlin boots n° 106 in camel. Continue reading

The Perfect Autumn Look with Over-the-Knee Leather Boots

Fernando Berlin overknee boots 315

There is no better moment than now to think about a stunning autumn outfit. At Fernando Berlin, we think and plan months in advance to get you ready for the next season. That’s why we’d love to show you the result of our autumn photo shooting, featuring Susi, 3 outfits and 1 pair of marvellous over-the-knee leather boots. Ready? Here we go! Continue reading

Our 8 Favourite Summer Boots (and ways to dress with them)

Fernando Berlin Stylebook-summer-boots- kneehigh

In the middle of the summer and thinking about boots. That’s what we do here at Fernando Berlin’s office in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Not because we are as hip as this district is said to be, but because we love what we do. And as we want to share our passion with you, we thought of sharing our favourite summer boots with you. Here we go.  Continue reading

The one knee-length boot that beats them all!


Do you like it comfortable, yet chic, whether it be summer or winter? Then we might have found the perfect boot. A knee-length leather boot with a wide 10 cm heel and a mini platform. Here is our – official – presentation of one of our best sellers: boot n° 302! Tada! Continue reading

Aiming High with Tailor-Made 14 cm High-Heel Boots

Fernando-Berlin-high-heel boots- 303-summer-sale

“Hey Fernando, what about real high-heel boots?” A lot of our customers like boots with low heels or none at all, but then there is this moment when we are being asked the question above. We can definitely say “Sure, we do have them – 14 cm heels ok?” To illustrate what we mean see some lovely pictures of an elegant and sexy, very high high-heel boot.   Continue reading

3 Irresistible Leather and Silver Accessories for Summer

3 Irresistible Leather and Silver Accessories for Summer

Are you still looking for a stylish silver or leather accessory to push your boot outfit (or any other) ? We have collected 3 lovely accessory ideas we are in love with. And the best: they’re now available at a 15% – 25% discount until July 14! See them here… Continue reading

5 Overknee Boots You’ve Been Dreaming of (But Didn’t Know)

5 Overknee Boots you’ve been dreaming of (but didn’t know)

We proudly present our favourite, hottest and breathtaking over-the-knee boot collection. Made of leather and available in various colours, these boots are made for any person who loves style and fashion and who wants to show their individuality. The best news: they are all on (summer) sale 🙂 Continue reading

3 Cool Styling Ideas for Thigh-High Boots

Model-415-Fernando Berlin-thigh-high-boots

Have you ever wondered how to dress with boots that go not only up to the knee, but cover the entire leg? We admit it can be a challenge. That’s why we have come up with 3 ideas on how to dress with leather thigh highs. Scroll through for style tips, and let us know your ideas! Continue reading

3 Reasons You Won’t Want To Miss Out on Button Gloves

Gloves? Are you crazy? It’s summer, for God’s sake! – Well, apart from the fact that here in Berlin everybody’s currently putting their autumn jackets on again because it’s bloody freezing and raining cats and dogs (although experience tells that temperatures can indeed go up to 30°, can you believe it…), gloves are not only an autumn / winter accessoire. Look at the following example. We give you 3 reasons to fall in love with gloves in summer.

Continue reading

Discover TO.mTO: The Beauty of Corsets


Today, we want to present you one of Fernando Berlin’s designer friends, TO.mTO, a corset manufacturer, founded in Berlin in 2002 by Tonia Merz. At the same time, we will answer typical questions that might come up with corsets such as “How to dress  with corsets?”, “Do I have to fear health issues?” and others.

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